Featured Cambridge Alumnus

Last week I was featured in a post on the Cambridge website as a featured alumnus. You can find the find the link here. In it I talk about the path I took to get to Cambridge, as well as some of my more recent work. The only thing I regret not including is a shout out to some of my favorite pubs.

Interview with the Good Technology Project

This December at ACM DEV in London I met Richard Batty from the Good Technology Project. He and his collaborator, Michael Peyton Jones, are interested in using technology in development and seem very interested in going about it the right way. I skyped with Richard and Michael last month. They just did a writeup over on their blog. They asked about my general feelings on technology for the developing world (ICTD) as a discipline as well as what I think could be useful things for them to contribute to.

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New Site!

At long last, a new site. I made the site with hugo, and especially the allegiant and startbootstrap-clean themes. Big thank yous to the Hugo team and to the creators of both those themes. My previous blog–which was woefully poorly updated–was Where he was Going and was primarily for when I was on the Bonderman. I’ve tagged all those posts as blogger and archive. The Bonderman-specific ones are also tagged with bonderman.


NASA Over Nazca

One of my favorite blogs, Bad Astronomy, recently posted pictures of the Space Shuttle Discovery preparing to dock with the International Space Station. The picture was taken and uploaded on Saturday by Paolo Nespoli, an astronaut currently stationed on the...station. To paraphrase Bad Astronomy, he is able to take pictures from space and upload them to the internet for millions worldwide to see, all in nearly real-time. As BA noted, the future is now.


One Month in to Cambridge

So, I have arrived and am more or less settled. This took forever to post, and I apologize. At first I had no internet, and now I have gotten busy. To begin with, here is a link to a few pictures (have to copy/paste it): EDIT 2016-04-09: changing to link. I don't have time for a full update post at the moment, so I'm just going to copy/paste some stories I've been typing up for people about my first month here.


Last Day!

Headed to the airport in minutes. I meant to write more this morning, but got distracted. I met the actor Aki Aleong at my hostel, who got kicked out of the Marriott. He was in an episode of the Outer Limits, and also an ambassador on Babylon 5. I told him what I studied and he called me a book jockey. China has finished strong. In the next week or two I will try and get a few more posts up about the last days.


Back from the Mountains

I'm now in Hangzhou, which is an hour or two outside of Shanghai. I arrived this morning on a night train. One of the good things about the night trains is that you give the attendant your ticket, and then she comes and wakes you up when your stop is next. The last time this was necessary I got about 10 minutes and had to rush. That meant that when I was woken up this morning, I rushed like a fiend to get my stuff together and get to the door.


The Great Firewall of China

FINALLY! The Chinese government has an iron grip on information control in the country. For some reason they deem both Facebook and my blog as potential security risks. Not a football blog called "freedomblogging," however, which kind of makes you hate their system all the more for its illogicality. Thankfully, I have found a program called "Freegate," which gets you around government blocking. And guess who developed it--the US government! God bless America.


On To China

I'm in Hanoi, have fallen slightly behind on posting. I'm leaving this morning for Nanning, China. I've heard that very few people speak English in China, so I am planning on it being a test of my new-earned traveling skills. The other day I went to a snake restaurant, where I pulled the beating heart from a snake and ate it. I had expected something pretty hardcore at a snake restaurant, but not quite THAT hardcore.


Edibles and Criminals (UPDATED: Photos Added)

Two more nights in Cambodia, and then to Vietnam. I took the bus to Phnom Penh this morning. The bus stopped at two roadside food stands. The first had crickets. I asked how much for one, and she tried to give me a whole cupful. Nooooo, no no no. Just one cricket. The vendors wanted to give it to me for free, but I paid 15 cents. They were pretty tickled.