Day 3: Ellos dieron una calabaza a mi. (grammar?)

Day 3: Ellos dieron una calabaza a mi. (grammar?)

Heard today: Prince, Cake, Robbie Williams, Toto, Greenday, Survivor, Earth Wind and Fire, The Verve, A-ha, Wang Chung, Billy Joel, Lenny Kravitz, Paul Simon, Laura Branigan, Marvin Gaye (you know which song), Vanilla Ice, The Beatles, The Cure

Trick learned today: An incredibly dense, very weird looking gourd, called a calabaza, can be slipped into your produce bag to add weight and increase the price. The gourd is often not discovered until you get back to the hostel and wonder where it came from.

Fact learned today: Even with the surprising weight of a calabaza, 20 pesos buys you a lot of produce.

Highlight of the day: My Spanish dictionary telling me that "to give someone a calabaza" is a saying that means to brush someone off or jilt them.

Things you take for granted as the same all over the world that are in fact very different: Keys and keyholes.

Revelation of the day: The guy at the luggage store in Portland who told me outlets in Argentina are the same shape as in the US is not to be trusted.

Drink of the day: Quilmes Cerveza--the self-proclaimed preferred beer of Argentina

Most irritating thing of the day: Two girls coming back to the dorm at 3am, giggling, sending text messages, giggling, letting their phones ring amidst twitters of even more giggling.

Missing today: Girls that aren't gigglers. =)
giggles schmiggles :)

Glad you're laughing at the cab incident. Good to keep a sense of humor as people plant squash in your bag. We're both glad you're safe and your dad says he thinks you write a good blog and he's glad he's not funding you [Robert laughter].

It is great to read your blog. Looking forward to your adventures. Take care.
Karen or JMGM

When life gives you calabazas, make bolas! Then use them to threaten swindlers.

also: "ellos me dieron una calabaza" is more conversational, but your way is structurally correct and comprehensible. :)

Google'd you're blog, I'm really enjoying it, also glad to hear you're enjoying your time I'm out of here in 7 days and I'll be sure to keep following your travels. I'll also keep you posted about a possible visit, take care and I'll talk to you soon.

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