The Desert

The Desert

Peter and I left Chiloe and went to Puerto Montt. Peter´s birthday is boxing day, the 26th of December. The only sit down restaurant we could find was a place in a mall food court that only served things on french fries. Chicken, chili, chicken and chili, cheese... We went back to the hotel and watched Waterworld on tv. He´s probably had better birthdays.

The next day I flew back to Santiago, and then to Calama. Calama is in northern Chile. A short bus ride away is San Pedro de Atacama. From San Pedro I am going to cross the desert by 4x4 into Bolivia, assuming that I can get across the Bolivian border. They can be hard on Americans.

We leave tomorrow, and I´ve been killing time until then. I got in on New Year´s Eve, met up with a couple of very nice Colombians, both named Miguel, and ended up at a rave in the desert, Death Valley, until 5 am. Then one of the Miguels and I hitchhiked back into town in the back of a pickup. The next day I went sandboarding and to see the sunset at the Valley of the Moon.

The internet at my hostel is unreliable at best, so I can´t write more at the moment. I leave tomorrow for the three day trip in a jeep into Bolivia. I´ll have more details in Bolivia. Including about the new year´s celebrations in South America, which are pretty exciting.
Sam, sounds like you are doing well and seeing great sites-- have you bumped into any casinos yet? Christy is going to make me get off the computer as the keyboard keeps her awake!!! Keep up the great work and have fun! tom

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