Last Hours in South America

Last Hours in South America

Another quick post. I've fallen behind on updating both the pictures and the blog. But I will do another monster post soon. Or maybe little episodic ones. I am back in Rio de Janeiro, and am flying to Australia tonight. Today is exactly four months since starting my trip. South America has treated me well. Aside from that crooked bastard of a cab driver on day one, I've had no trouble with anything other than some minor attempts at swindling. (Being swindled, not doing the swindling.)

Two days ago I finished a three day scuba diving course back in Arraial do Cabo. It was awesome, and I am excited to do it some more in Australia. Last night I went to a special Brazilian restaurant that carries hundreds of types of cachaca, a Brazilian rum. I had some sun-dried meat, Brazilian food, and Brazilian liquor. It was a good last night.

That is that for now. It's a short two or three hour flight to Buenos Aires, where I'm connecting on a 19 hour flight to Sydney. Twice the length of my previous longest flight. Sounds like a blast.

Ciao, South America.

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