Where's the WiFi?

Where's the WiFi?

Australia is severely plagued by a scarcity of wifi. I can't explain it. Maybe 1 in 10 cafes have it. A few places have it, but it is private and only for their staff's use. What the hell, Australia. So far it's been a cool place, albeit expensive. I finally found some wifi in a mall food court, but I'm in a crunch for time and can't write much. Currently in Melbourne, having fled the bad weather in Sydney, only to arrive minutes after the "storm of the century" in Melbourne. Streets were flooded, hail the size of golfballs, the roof of the train station collapsed, just a mess.

Some choice things I've overheard on Melbourne streets:

"I'm very susceptible to skin rash."

(Into a phone) "Did you see that look I gave you?...No it wasn't a death stare!!"

"What the fuck is that stink?!"

I'm headed back to Sydney tomorrow, where, if there is anything good in this world, I will be able to find a cafe with internet.
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