Switching to vim-plug

Switching to vim-plug

When I first picked up vim I dealt with plugin functionality by hand. I have no idea how I did this, as doing it manually now seems insane. No doubt it was because I didn’t have many plugins.

I soon switched to Pathogen . For quite a while after that I was using Vundle . Vundle was working well, thanks to a very easy Plugin 'user/repo' syntax in my vimrc that made plugins painless.

Recently, however, I’ve been seeing people start recommending vim-plug . It looked virtually identical to vundle. The biggest differences were Plug 'user/repo' instead of Plugin 'user/repo' and :PlugInstall instead of :PluginInstall. Not worth switching for this, even if vim-plug was a better designed tool.

This blog post changed my mind. He outlines several strong reasons, the most compelling of which is the fact that Vundle is no longer being maintained by gmarik, its creator . I’d had fzf.vim using vim-plug already, even though I was using Vundle for the vast majority of my plugins. Coming across this post gave me a good reason to cleanup my vimrc and rely solely on vim-plug.

This commit shows the steps I took to migrate to vim-plug. So far so good.

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